Federal national and cultural autonomy of Greeks of Russia
Association of Greek social
communities of Russia
FNCA of Greeks of Russia

Federal national and cultural autonomy of Greeks of Russia is a social organization, which introduces interests of 100 000 ethnic Greeks, living on the territory of Russian Federation. FNCA of Greeks of Russia nowadays consists of 6 regional and 32 local national and cultural autonomies. This organization was founded March 4, in 2011. Before the organization was registered, the activity of Greek diaspora of Russia had been realized by Interregional social organization Association of Greek social communities (then as AGSC). Asset of FNCA of Greeks of Russia is an asset of AGSC at the same time, without separating itself by formal feature.

Our mission

FNKA of Greeks of Russia activity is directed at preservation of identity and national consciousness of Greeks, living on the Russian Federations territory, with certain integration of Greek diaspora into the unique ethnic and cultural environment of Russia.


  • free citizens will, referring themselves to certain ethnic community;
  • self-organisation and self-managment;
  • the variety of national and cultural autonomy`s forms of internal organization
  • combination of social initiative with government support;
  • respect of language, culture, traditions and customs of citizens of different ethnic communities;
  • legality


  • Creation conditions for the preservation, learning and spreading of mother tongue among Greeks of Russia;
  • Preservation and development of Greek national culture;
  • Popularization of Greek national traditions and culture in Russian society;
  • Partnership with government departments, non-profit organizations, public associations, other organizations of Russian Federation and other countries in order to solve problems of national and cultural development.

The governing bodies

  • Congress is a supreme authority of organization (is convened every four years).
  • Council is a governing authority of organization in the period between congresses. It consists of 30 council members. They are outstanding representatives and activists of Greek youth and Greek social communities of the majority Russian regions.
  • President implements total governance of activity. Ivan Savvidi is the President of FNKA of Greeks of Russia. He is a businessman, social personality, member of a Council on International Relations at President of Russian Federation.