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Cross year “Russia-Greece” 2016 in Krasnodar region finished by a Greek culture festival
December, 10 in Krasnodar at the assembly hall of Kuban State University was held a great Greek culture festival, dedicated to closing the Cross year “Russia-Greece” 2016 in Krasnodar region
Cross year “Russia-Greece” 2016 in Krasnodar region finished by a Greek culture festival

Gala-concert was opened by «Friendly musician duet» consisted of Valeriy Pecherskiy and the group «Τα παδία του Πόντου», which set the tone to the whole event with the sound of Pontian lira and Russian balalaika.

The scene and the hall were decorated with balloons of Russian and Greek flags colors, and also with art-objects in form of Cross year logo. To the guests’ attention was brought a video clip of events, having been held during the significant 2016 year.

Masters of a concert greeted the guests and declare national anthems of Russia, Greece and Kuban region.

Then masters of a concert greeted the honored guests of the solemn event: General Consul of the Greek Republic in the Novorossiysk city Fragiskos Kostellenos, third secretary of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in the city of Krasnodar Igor O. Ratushnyak, adviser of Greek embassy in Russia, heads of press and communications Nestor Tiruvizos, professor MGIMO Alexander G. Ritov responsible officer of the Department of International Relations, Aristotle University teacher of Russian language, Thessaloniki, Greece Dimitris Fotiadis, a representative of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece Panaёtis Tsatsanidis, chairman of the Committee on the use of natural resources and environmental safety of the Legislative Assembly of the Region Andrey Buldin, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Region Cyril R. Hahalev, Deputy city council of the Krasnodar municipality Dmitry D. Oberemchenko, Deputy head of the municipal formation «Crimean region» Vladimir N. Chernika and the head of the culture department of the municipality «Crimean region» — Lubov v. Gromyko.

Also, the heads of the organizing committee of the festival were presented: Rector of the Kuban State University Astapov B. Mikhail and chairman of the regional national and cultural autonomy of the Greeks of Krasnodar region Andrey N. Papandopoulos.

Official persons were invited on the scene for words of greeting.

Into the address of the Greek culture festival were received welcome addressed from the President of Russian Greeks Ivan Savvidi, State Duma deputy of the Krasnodar region — Dmitry Lameykin, e.r. of the Head of Representation of the Foreign Ministry in Krasnodar — Sergey Skorodumov, Coordinator of Education ministry of Greece over the Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, Mariupol, Ukraine — Hrisa Tamisoglu.

The Cross year «Russia-Greece» became an index of spiritual closeness of two great nations. The future of our countries depends on youth generation, so one of the brightest event became an Interregional competition of child’s drawing «Greece: antiquity and modernity — sight from Russia», declared by Federal national and cultural autonomy of Greeks of Krasnodar region and Kuban State University. More than 600 works were presented to the competition. Authors are children from Krasnodar region, Rostov region, Stavropol region, the Republic of Crimea and Moscow. The best works were selected by jury and authors of works were awarded with diplomas at the scene of Kuban State University.

During solemn part the event dedicated to closing of the Cross 2016 year «Russia-Greece», was introduced the project, which became one of the most important achievements of the year: into Russian school program is planned to enter the study of the Greek language as a second foreign language. The corresponding agreement from November 10, 2016 was signed by the Education and Science Minister of Russia Olga Vasilyeva and First Deputy of Education Minister of Greece Costas Fotakis. Invaluable assistance in the realization of this important project has provided FNCA of Greeks of Russia, and one of its initiator — the Chairman on the Science and Education Committee of the FNCA of Greeks of Russia Aflaton Solahov was awarded with Thankful Letter of by Rector of the Kuban State University Mikhail Astapov.

The concert continued by creative collectives of Krasnodar region, which pleased the audience with unique colorful performances, which echoed Russian and Greek culture, emphasizing their closeness and kinship. The dance program was opened by the Greek collective of folk dance «Patrida» (Merchanskoe) with incendiary dance «Pentozalis». The audience was impressed by mastery of collectives’ with their Russian folk dances: folk dance collective «Polyanka» (Krasnodar Teachers College) with a dance «Utushka lugovaya» and «Cossack dance», ensemble «Yarylo» with the dance «Barunya» and «Cossack dance», folk dance studio ensemble with dance «Russian soul». The guests could not be left indifferent by such collectives, as an ensemble of Greek dance «Pontos» with the composition «Popurri of Pontian dance», a folk ensemble of Pontian dances «Gorgippia» with the dance performance «Pontic Suite», the national folklore ensemble of Greek dance «Elpida» with the dance «Serra» and a Greek folk ensemble «Fotini» with the Pontian dance bloc: Etere, Kalon korits, Seranitsa and Tromahton.

In addition to performances of dance groups, guests of festival could enjoy the vocal numbers of talented bands and singers. Greek choir «Enosi» sang song «Agni Parsene Despina…» and vocal performance «Furios», composition of Greek songs «Ierakina I Mia vlaha» sounded by vocal studio «Contrasts» of Children’s and youth development center of Gelendzhik.

And unchangeable compositions sounded at the concert, which have long since become classics of Russian Culture: «Russia» (Creative cooperation «Solar sail» ensemble «Gelenmiks») and «Along the Petersburg» (soloist of academic vocal studio — Mark Yuvko).

The concert finished by bright firework from confetti of Russian and Greek flags’ colors.

See you soon!

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