Federal national and cultural autonomy of Greeks of Russia
Association of Greek social
communities of Russia
World becomes aware about your #POINT OF VIEW. 2020
Federal national and cultural autonomy of Greeks of Russia holds the International Youth Forum #POINT OF VIEW.2020
World becomes aware about your #POINT OF VIEW. 2020

The International Youth Forum #POINT OF VIEW.2020 is dedicated to the Year of Memory and Glory on the occasion of the 75-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Period: April 13–16, 2020

Location: Russia, Moscow.

Organizers of the Forum: Federal national and cultural autonomy of Greeks of Russia, Federal Agency for Nationalities and Savvid Charitable Foundation.

Work languages of the Forum: Russian, English

The age of the participants is from 18 to 35 years.

The topics of the forum`s sections*:

- 75 years of Victory: useful history lessons,

- The role of youth in the development of public diplomacy in Russia and foreign countries,

- Media as a key tool for creating public opinion,

- Christianity in the XXI century: challenges, threats and prospects.

*every participant should select only one section


1. An application for participation in the Forum (Application Form is here) should be sent till March 10, 2020 to e-mail point_of_view2020@mail.ru in * DOC and * PDF formats. If it is correct we’ll send an invitation to the Forum to your e-mail.

A photo of the Participant must be attached to the application.

Photo requirements:

— the size of the photo is 480×640 pixels;

— the photo should be color on a white background;

— file format — jpg or jpeg;

— the image should be full-face, without a hat;

— the image of the face should occupy at least 70% of the photo.

2. Participants are: young political scientists, historians, journalists, public youth leaders with an active citizenship.

3. Each Participant presents only one report on the selected topic of the forum. The time limit for the performance is no more than 7 minutes.

4. Requirements for the report:

— annotation of the report in English

— type — Times New Roman, 14

— volume — no more than 3 pages A4

— width alignment

5. Flight to the Forum, accommodation and schedule of stay for the Forum are at the expense of the organizers.

Informing about holding of the Forum, methodological and advisory assistance to participants during the implementation is carried out by the secretariat of Organizing Committee: point_of_view2020@mail.ru
(mob. + 7-919-880-28-45 — Evgenia Popova)

International Youth Forum regulation #POINT OF VIEW. 2020 (full version) is here.

We’re waiting for your application forms.



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